Our Top Tweets from Last Week



  1. Amazing periodic table. Each element has a video explaining it’s history, uses, characteristics, etc. –
  2. The humorous result of years of Intense Study and Engineering Experience
  3. Twitter Lists for Nerds – engineering, science, technology, and even NASA!
  4. Follow all the nasa twitter feeds in one list –
  5. My favorite engineering blog discussing innovations in rural Africa. –

Editors Pick

  1. The Greatest Scientific Special of All Time: Absolute Zero, The Science of Cold. Watch it here –

Twitter Lists for Nerds – engineering, science, technology, and even NASA!



I’ve created a host of useful Twitter lists for followers of @Help4Engineers (and everyone else too).

My Favorites

  1. Engineering / Science / Technology Favorites: This is my personal list of the most interesting tweeters I follow.  I go here for almost all my Twitter news.  This list is the best of the best.
  2. All NASA Twitter Feeds: Over 50 unique NASA twitter streams.  These are absolutely awesome, and many of them have tens of thousands of followers on their own.  NASA is doing an amazing job sharing the incredible information they collect.
  3. Industrial Suppliers on Twitter: I’m constantly adding new suppliers as I find them.  Let me know of any I’m missing in the comments.  These tweets are way more interesting than I expected when I first made this list.

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Our Top Tweets from Last Week!



We send out all kinds of interesting/useful/cool tweets from our twitter account, Help4Engineers, and our readers have requested that we capture the best stuff in a blog post. So, starting this week, we’re going to do a blog post every Monday that is a recap of the most popular tweets from the previous week.

  1. Astrophysicists rapping about the Universe (Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson, & Bill Nye). –
  2. New Scientist has an excellent article on how the brain makes sense of time.
  3. Sixth sense let’s you interact with a pocket computer on any surface as though it’s a touchscreen.
  4. How DIY design gave a teenager from Malawi electricity, and can help transform Africa. via @leleutd
  5. NASA’s climate change website. Awesome info! @andeanhealth

And my personal favorite from the week:

All engineers love nerf don’t they? Retro nerf bow and arrow tv commercial. – via @andeanhealth

@Help4Engineers: Useful Resources and Interesting Information for Engineers on Twitter


I maintain a twitter feed (@Help4Engineers) where I share useful resources and interesting information for engineers. I generally tweet a few times a day and have found a large and very engaged engineering following.  I’m always available as a resource, and will help you with any application you have.

Industrial Interface is a website to help engineers use suppliers as a resource early in their projects, and I can help you find the right suppliers for your designs.  Message me about your applications, or signup for an account and post your projects directly to our site.

What other engineering or scientific twitter feeds do you follow?

Industrial Interface’s Presence on the Web


Industrial Interface: This is our online community for engineers, designers, and suppliers in manufacturing.  Engineers can discuss their design problems and get innovative solutions from knowledgeable technical suppliers.  We represent every industry segment and every product category within the Industrial Research, Design, and Manufacturing market.

Our Blog: You are reading it right now!  We write about useful resources, review products and software, share interesting information with our users, and keep everyone up to date with Industrial Interface as a company.

Help4Engineers*: This is our Twitter feed for engineers and designers where we share useful resources and interesting information.  Always feel free to contact me directly here

TechSalesLeads*: This is our Twitter Feed for industrial suppliers and salespeople.  We typically share resources and interesting information as well as many of the live engineering leads coming through our site.

*Our Twitter accounts are a great way to interact with us, ask about Industrial Interface, make suggestions, or tap into our network of engineers and suppliers.

LinkedIn “Industrial Interface R&D Network”: This is another medium we provide to our users to interact with other engineers and suppliers and network in the social setting of LinkedIn.

Facebook (Industrial Interface): Join other professionals in a less formal setting where you can share interests outside of work.

How are you promoting your Industrial Company online?  What websites and resources do you think are the most useful?

A blog for Industrial Interface


We’ve been debating starting a blog for quite some time at Industrial Interface. So why have we started one now?

Three reasons:

  1. Working as engineers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry and researching and building Industrial Interface has provided us with a lot of information about how engineers and suppliers use the internet to do their jobs. We’ve always shared some of this information on our main site but we want to do more with it. Why not share it in a more dynamic environment where we can all collaborate.
  2. We’ve been using Twitter to share some of this information for the past few months via an account called Help4Engineers (a feed for engineers) and an account called TechSalesLeads (a feed for suppliers). We have had a really good response from our followers and have found that we often want to share more information than you can in a tweet.
  3. This blog will hopefully help spread the word about Industrial Interface and help grow the site into the powerful tool we want it to be for Engineers, Designers, and Suppliers.

Through this blog, we plan to share all sorts of knowledge about the online world for the manufacturing industry. We want to talk about the vast collection of online tools that engineers and suppliers use to do their jobs better. We also plan to keep you up to date with our company, Industrial Interface. We look forward to sharing with our community, and we hope this blog will be a great resource for everyone who reads it.

T. Brian Jones
President & Founder