Top 7 SEO tips to generate more engineering leads


1) Backlinks:

Links to your site from other sites that are relevant to your business are the most important aspect of SEO. If there are only a few sites on the entire internet that link to your site, then search engines will likely ignore your site, or only index a few pages, meaning that most of your content will never show up in a search result that your potential customers are making. The number on thing you can do to increase traffic to your site is to get your customers, partners, distributors, and principals to link to your website. If you do this, I guarantee you will get more exposure and more customers than if you get a feature article in an industry magazine or pay for a full page ad. Additionally, you should always be submitting your site to relevant industrial directories and other online resources. Increasing the number of sites that link to your site makes your site seem more important to search engines, and means more customers will find your company via search.

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Top 10 features to get more leads from your industrial website


1) Contact info:

Make your contact information readily available on every page of your site, and make sure it is easy to find. The most important activity a user can take on your website is to contact your highly skilled, highly paid, and competent sales force. Potential customers are looking for information and you need to make it easy for them to get answers that they can’t find on your site. Besides, unless you operate an online store, it is impossible for you to make even one dollar without a customer calling your sales team. Put your contact information at the top of every page in big bright text.

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8 Ways For Salespeople To Get The First Call From An Engineer Every Time



This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople trying to get more business from engineers.

When I worked as a design and manufacturing engineer, there were certain salespeople that consistently stood out in my mind. These were the people that I called time and again for advice and to whom I ultimately ended up giving the most money. Below are 8 ways to stay on an engineer’s mind.

8. Present products and services to your customers as tools, and not just something else to buy. Prepare powerpoint presentations, bring samples of relevant technologies, and do live demos of your products. Engineers are always interested in learning about new tools and ways to apply them.

7. Make yourself easy to approach about a problem. Be friendly and jovial in meetings but always very professional. This makes you seem dedicated to your job and interested in your customers’ needs.

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