Tap the network by sharing your project


One of the most important features of Industrial Interface is the ease with which a sourcing need can be passed around our network of suppliers and engineers.  This makes it easy for your design application to reach people with relevant experience who can help.  Why is this so important?

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What happens after a engineering project is posted?


The idea behind Industrial Interface is pretty simple.  Engineers need stuff and suppliers sell stuff.  We put the two groups together in a very efficient way.  An engineer describes what she is looking for in detail, and our system puts her project in front of relevant suppliers who might be able to help.  If they can help, they pay us a fee (to encourage high quality connections and keep the service running) and then they can contact her.  That sure was simple.  Now I’m going to give you the details. Read the rest of this entry »

How do engineers and buyers currently find products and services online?


Right now, and I mean right this second… there are thousands of engineers and technical buyers searching for industrial products, components, materials, and services across hundreds of industries and thousands of product categories. The web traffic on industrial directories alone is on the order of 500,000 visits per day. Read the rest of this entry »

Making our suppliers more accessible to engineers


When industrial salespeople sign up for our site, they complete a detailed supplier profile including their products and services. Our system stores all this information in a database, and we use it to match engineering projects to the right suppliers. To show this we built some quick links to basic search pages that list this information in an easy to read way. We’re hoping by making this data accessible, our users will gain a deeper understanding of how our system works. Read the rest of this entry »

77,000 freely searchable engineering material datasheets


MatWeb is easily the most comprehensive materials database freely available on the web.  When I used to work as a deign engineer I probably went to MatWeb at least a couple times a week.

As of this post, MatWeb has over 77,000 materials in it’s searchable database, and they are all free to access, although there are advanced features (advanced search, side-by-side material comparisons, data download capabilities) that require you to register for a free account.  Premium accounts cost $100 per year and give you increased search and comparison functionality and the ability to download materials right into your favorite design software. Read the rest of this entry »

Search 30 million technical journal articles. Read any of them for $0.99.


There are a lot of free trade magazines available for engineers and designers.  These can be fun to read, and have lots of great pictures to flip through when you’re bored at work.  How often do you actually find yourself referencing one of these free magazines, however, when you have a truly complex technical problem that needs solving?  Probably never.  You search google and you may search some engineering forums, but odds are what you’re looking for is tucked away in an expensive, subscription only, unsearchable academic journal.  So how do you find this information?  Enter DeepDyve. Read the rest of this entry »