What happens after a engineering project is posted?


The idea behind Industrial Interface is pretty simple.  Engineers need stuff and suppliers sell stuff.  We put the two groups together in a very efficient way.  An engineer describes what she is looking for in detail, and our system puts her project in front of relevant suppliers who might be able to help.  If they can help, they pay us a fee (to encourage high quality connections and keep the service running) and then they can contact her.  That sure was simple.  Now I’m going to give you the details. Read the rest of this entry »

How do engineers and buyers currently find products and services online?


Right now, and I mean right this second… there are thousands of engineers and technical buyers searching for industrial products, components, materials, and services across hundreds of industries and thousands of product categories. The web traffic on industrial directories alone is on the order of 500,000 visits per day. Read the rest of this entry » Automates Industrial Sourcing, Allows Engineers to Focus Efforts on Their Designs.

  • makes sourcing industrial products and services as simple as sending a single email.  Engineers find solutions to their design applications in minutes instead of weeks.

San Diego, CA, November 11, 2009 — officially launches its new site that bypasses traditional sales channels and lets engineers instantly and anonymously share design applications with dozens of relevant suppliers.  This allows engineers to quickly find multiple solutions for their designs and the right suppliers to provide them.

Salespeople who have experience with similar projects and sell exactly what an engineer needs pay to contact the engineer.  This insures that engineers only receive productive and desired communication from suppliers. This is the first website for the manufacturing industry specifically designed to put engineers in direct contact with local sales representatives.

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