Online Unit Conversions for The Common, The Complex, and The Unexpected


One website I used almost every day as a design engineer (and continue to use often) is  If you can think of an engineering or scientific application with unique units, this website will probably convert them.  It’s free to use and doesn’t require any registration.  The site claims “5,000 units and 50,000 conversions” and receives over half a million unique visitors a month based on has all the standard conversions you will need like Energy with 100 different units, Mass Flow Rate with 38, Force with 37, Acceleration, Density, Power, Pressure, Viscosity, etc.

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A blog for Industrial Interface


We’ve been debating starting a blog for quite some time at Industrial Interface. So why have we started one now?

Three reasons:

  1. Working as engineers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry and researching and building Industrial Interface has provided us with a lot of information about how engineers and suppliers use the internet to do their jobs. We’ve always shared some of this information on our main site but we want to do more with it. Why not share it in a more dynamic environment where we can all collaborate.
  2. We’ve been using Twitter to share some of this information for the past few months via an account called Help4Engineers (a feed for engineers) and an account called TechSalesLeads (a feed for suppliers). We have had a really good response from our followers and have found that we often want to share more information than you can in a tweet.
  3. This blog will hopefully help spread the word about Industrial Interface and help grow the site into the powerful tool we want it to be for Engineers, Designers, and Suppliers.

Through this blog, we plan to share all sorts of knowledge about the online world for the manufacturing industry. We want to talk about the vast collection of online tools that engineers and suppliers use to do their jobs better. We also plan to keep you up to date with our company, Industrial Interface. We look forward to sharing with our community, and we hope this blog will be a great resource for everyone who reads it.

T. Brian Jones
President & Founder