NASA: Mars rover “Spirit” gets stuck, makes big discovery

NASA Spirit Mars Rover Wheel

NASA Spirit Mars Rover Wheel

NASA reported today, December 2, that the Mars rover “Spirit”has made significant discoveries while stuck in a section of the Martian terrain named after the ancient city of Troy.

Several of the wheels on the rover have been unable to gain traction, and have spun in place for the past six months as NASA operators attempt to unstick the device.  As the wheels churned up the soil, scientists were pleased to discover the presence of water-indicating sulfates, which form during steam events.

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NASA Picture of the Day: Saturn and Moons



Sweet picture of Saturn and Tethys above (one of Saturn’s moons).  Thanks to NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, we get to see amazing pictures like this one.  It almost looks fake, doesn’t it?  I never get tired of these NASA pictures of the day.  For more space pictures, follow NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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Editors Pick

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Our Top Tweets from Last Week!



We send out all kinds of interesting/useful/cool tweets from our twitter account, Help4Engineers, and our readers have requested that we capture the best stuff in a blog post. So, starting this week, we’re going to do a blog post every Monday that is a recap of the most popular tweets from the previous week.

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And my personal favorite from the week:

All engineers love nerf don’t they? Retro nerf bow and arrow tv commercial. – via @andeanhealth