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If you are a technical salesperson and have ever pinged an engineer who just spec’d in another supplier for a part you could have supplied, then this post is for you.

The problem Sales people face is two fold:  (1) Figuring out who the real decision makers are, and, (2) Making sure that you are meeting with that individual when they are working on relevant projects.  Even when you think you and your decision maker are best buddies and that you will get called when you are needed, you are probably missing business.

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Engineers are looking for you! I’ll teach you how to get found!


This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople who want more business from engineers.

The job of an engineer is to solve complex design problems.  As part of the solution, they are often tasked with finding the right supplier who has the product or service that solves a portion of the problem.  This process usually involves:  (1) Research on what technologies are available and (2) Testing different solutions that they have found from vendors.  This process is where the Engineer can save the most money and make design decisions that make or break a product.

As a salesperson, your job is to make sure that Engineers contact you at the R&D stage so that your solution is tested.  Easier said than done!  Most OEM Representatives have more products than their customers realize, and most Manufacturer’s Representatives have 5 or 10 OEM lines that they represent.  So, how do you make sure that Engineers test your products or services?  Below, I have outlined 5 ways to get more leads and more business from engineers that are looking for you right now! Read the rest of this entry »

Double the leads from your current customers: email marketing to engineers by engineers


This post is meant for all the Industrial Supplier Firms thinking about e-mail marketing.

If you are in technical sales, this post is for you.  This includes Manufacturing Rep Groups, Distributors, and OEMs who want to get more business from their contact database.  There are a ton of reasons to Email Market and practically no reasons not to.  So, why haven’t you started? Because it seems like such a big task that you don’t know where to start?  Well, I’m here to tell you where to start and how we can help! Read the rest of this entry »

8 Ways For Salespeople To Get The First Call From An Engineer Every Time



This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople trying to get more business from engineers.

When I worked as a design and manufacturing engineer, there were certain salespeople that consistently stood out in my mind. These were the people that I called time and again for advice and to whom I ultimately ended up giving the most money. Below are 8 ways to stay on an engineer’s mind.

8. Present products and services to your customers as tools, and not just something else to buy. Prepare powerpoint presentations, bring samples of relevant technologies, and do live demos of your products. Engineers are always interested in learning about new tools and ways to apply them.

7. Make yourself easy to approach about a problem. Be friendly and jovial in meetings but always very professional. This makes you seem dedicated to your job and interested in your customers’ needs.

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