Top Ten Things That Annoy Engineers



10. The Phone (see our post “10 Reasons Engineers Hate the Phone“)

9. Multiple Office Sites – As if things weren’t complicated enough, I have to try to communicate and solve complex issues over the phone and through NetMeeting, WebEx, and VNC?  Maybe if I am especially lucky, I’ll get to travel back and forth for months at a time!

8. Executive speak – Nothing quite like a load of BS from the VP about how great everything is going.  Or worse… when it’s quiet, you know it’s REALLY bad.

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10 Reasons Engineers Hate The Phone



10. Engineers would rather take their phone apart.

9. It’s OK to call an engineer when you have a cool science or math question because they will surely know the answer.  WRONG!  Google knows too.  Next time someone is too lazy to look something up themselves, send them here.

8. Because YOU can… make sure stuff’s plugged in, unclog a drain, tighten a screw, remove string from the vacuum, reboot your computer, replace the batteries, or take your car to a mechanic all by your freakin’ self.

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