8 Reasons Engineers Should Spend Their Free Time In The Machine Shop


machine shop 1950s

8. Machinists will often need to alter your part to machine some of the features.  Work through this together and you’ll both be happier.

7. When you first bring your drawing to the machine shop, it’s common to scribble notes and explain what’s “not that critical.”  This is a valuable exercise, but take the time to alter the drawing in your design software before giving it back to the machine shop.

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Cultivate Innovation: What Companies, Managers, and Engineers Can Do



In past blog posts (here and here), I discussed change in the high-tech design workplace.  Today’s blog is about innovation: the driving force for profit in this market.  Companies who deliver the newest, best-performing, most-reliable products to market are almost always the most successful.  This requires an efficient company streamlined to foster, cultivate, and encourage designers to come up with cutting-edge ideas on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Afrigadget: Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity.


Bottle Opener

It’s amazing to see how people can make incredible improvements to everything around them often with very limited resources.  One blog that consistently appeals to people (especially other engineers) because of this is Afrigadget.  This blog highlights innovations in rural African communities, both by local people and outside inventors.  These innovations are often surprisingly simple but always technical, and never fail to impress.  Engineers of all types and from all locations can learn from the simplicity and creativity highlighted in this blog.

Some of my Favorites

A shopkeeper has recycled old sandals to hang the door to his shop.  This creates a sturdy mount that is hinged and spring-loaded by the flexible footwear to ensure the front door closes behind his customers.

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