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Industrial Supply Companies/Catalogs

Online Industrial Supplier Listings

These sites are helpful if you are searching for a supplier for a specific product or service. If you understand your problem but don’t have a clear solution, try Posting Your Problem Description to Industrial Interface.  We’ll search the world’s supplier listings for you.

Engineering and Scientific Forums

Before you post a problem to one of these forums, we suggest you try Posting Your Problem Description to Industrial Interface. If we can’t help you, you can often get some direction from these forums.

Global Sourcing

These sites let you source products, components, and sometimes services from the global community. You can typically purchase much more on here than just industrial supplies for your Engineering Designs.

Free Engineering and Trade Magazines

Many engineers and Designers are unaware that there are literally hundreds of industry, trade, and specialty specific magazines that offer free subscriptions. These are a great way to stay up to date.

Recommended Industrial Suppliers

  • Resistors: For quality resistors that are essential in protecting electronic components from sudden current or voltage changes, visit

What resources do you use online?  Share a site and a link in the comments.

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  2. Zach Kaplan says:

    Hey Brian and Chris-
    It was nice talking to you over the summer. One resource to add to your list is As a refresher we offer a marketplace where you can find materials and technologies for your projects and the vendors behind them. Check it out at Inventables

  3. Thanks Zach!

    I must have lost your link when I moved these resources over to our blog. It’s up there now, and it’s also in our Engineering Toolbar that anyone can download and install here:

  4. Chris Johnnsen says:

    Nice list – thankyou!

    Another really great resource that I’ve found extremely helpful when referencing technical information about plastic materials is


  5. S Aston says:

    We have compiled a list of excellent engineering reference sites here:

    We have engineering calculators, knowledge bases, data bases for Materials, Fluids, Plastics as well as FEA resources.

  6. Chris Mason says:

    We have a “10 Sites That Every Engineer Should Know About” post on our blog here –

    Not as comprehensive as your list here, but just a few random ideas on the range of sites that can be of benefit to engineers.

  7. David Archer says:

    My site was meant to be a reference as well as a source of online training. I would like to think it is useful.

  8. I have found a site that be of interest, it should have some good info.

  9. New source for lowest cost PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). Even used ones have 2 year guarantee. As you are probably aware Chris and Brian, most used PLC vendors only give 1 year guarantee. See

  10. What a genius toolbar!


  11. Junior Barut says:

    I like this website. Definitely adding it to my favorites list!

  12. Sangeeta says:

    yes!!! its really very nice and helpful blog for engineering research & design resources

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  16. Kristine says:

    I love the engineer profession and i have also prepared a lot of designs. Thank you very much for share us such a good list and of engineering desgines. In future, l will take a lot of benefits.

  17. All resources may be good. But I like your Online Industrial Supplier Listings. These Listings are really good I have done my so many orders from this. It helps me to complete my work in few minutes. Thanks for are Listings…..

  18. Wowowoo, I just got the desired sources from this post. I’m feeling so lucky that I have got all the things in one place. I just can do more best things now after getting this amazing post… Really fabulous work….

  19. Louisa says:

    Thank you very much for share us such a good engineering design and list. I like the MSC Industrial Supply Company and in future, i want to do job in this company

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