How our suppliers get found via a detailed profile


This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople using Industrial Interface.

If you’re involved with industrial B2B sales and have not earned business from an Industrial Interface lead, then you are missing out!  In this post I want to teach you how to maximize the likelihood of winning business from the hundreds of engineering and manufacturing firms using Industrial Interface. Read the rest of this entry »

Industrial parts search on steroids


I know a lot of people still like to browse online industrial listings even though Industrial Interface will do all that work for you, so we created a great little search engine that indexes 40 of the most popular and comprehensive listings on the web.

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77,000 freely searchable engineering material datasheets


MatWeb is easily the most comprehensive materials database freely available on the web.  When I used to work as a deign engineer I probably went to MatWeb at least a couple times a week.

As of this post, MatWeb has over 77,000 materials in it’s searchable database, and they are all free to access, although there are advanced features (advanced search, side-by-side material comparisons, data download capabilities) that require you to register for a free account.  Premium accounts cost $100 per year and give you increased search and comparison functionality and the ability to download materials right into your favorite design software. Read the rest of this entry »

Search 30 million technical journal articles. Read any of them for $0.99.


There are a lot of free trade magazines available for engineers and designers.  These can be fun to read, and have lots of great pictures to flip through when you’re bored at work.  How often do you actually find yourself referencing one of these free magazines, however, when you have a truly complex technical problem that needs solving?  Probably never.  You search google and you may search some engineering forums, but odds are what you’re looking for is tucked away in an expensive, subscription only, unsearchable academic journal.  So how do you find this information?  Enter DeepDyve. Read the rest of this entry »

Share this Project! How our users are finding more efficient ways to use


During my first few months as an engineer out of college I designed an assembly that would allow me to tighten a knurled nut, increase friction between multiple surfaces, and ultimately regulate the torque applied between a motor and a shaft.  I spent weeks iterating this design and probably a few thousand dollars in machining time before I realized I could buy what I needed for a few hundred dollars from dozens of companies within 50 miles of my plant.

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  • is a free-to-use, centralized database of academic theses where anyone can upload their completed and approved thesis.  Their system typically includes details like bibliographical information, author, school, title, abstract, and date of publication, but doesn’t always have the full text available. Read the rest of this entry »

Why purchasing agents and engineers hate each other! (Guest Post)



In general, purchasing agents have a good deal of disdain for engineers (and probably vice-versa).  This doesn’t have to be the case, but it generally is.  Below is a list of reasons why this often happens.  These two groups rarely work together in harmony, but with a little effort they probably can.

In my experience as a finder of hard to find metals, I get inquiries from buyers on a daily basis for metals, forms, sizes and quantities that are simply not available from US metal suppliers. Typically, the buyer has received a print from a client for a new widget designed by an engineer who has searched high and low to find “the perfect material” for his or her new design.

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Top 10 Features of Globalspec, Good & Bad (Online Industrial Supplier Listings Part II)


Globalspec is probably the most popular of all the industrial supplier listings for engineers and designers.  They boast 5 Million registered users, including engineers, purchasing agents, technicians, etc.  They have a huge supplier database, and are branded as the Engineering Search Engine.  Most other sites cater specifically to purchasing departments, although Globalspec’s offerings don’t differ much from the norm.

Globalspec Screenshot of Homepage

Highlights for Engineers and Designers

The Good

  1. Globalspec has one of the largest supplier databases on the web, along with Thomasnet and Macrae’s Blue Book, and is one of the easiest supplier listing sites to navigate.
  2. Globalspec maintains one of the largest engineering forums on the web.  There’s an active community of engineers helping each other with simple to very technical problems.
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