The next generation of industrial research tool has arrived.


We’ve just launched our new research tool for the manufacturing industry.  It’s called Industry Cortex.

Right now we’re testing it with information on 2,500 adhesive suppliers, their products, services, datasheets, images, and more.  Check it out and leave us some feedback in the comments.  Thanks for all the support from the suppliers, manufacturers, trade groups, and industry professionals that have helped us take this next step.

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Printing, Steel & Solar directories have come online


Check out our latest industrial directories.  If you’ve got a product or service you’re eager to get to market quickly and efficiently, contact us and we can help by building a custom directory for your brand or business.


Our new directories

Printing on heat sealable foils – Engineering case study from Entrocomponent Solutions


Editors note: This is a Case Study from our partner supplier Entrocomponent Solutions, and here is their sales team: Jeff Bradbury and Scott McGlasson.

1.  How to print a logo and product name on a sealing foil

Many medical device companies use heat sealed foils to contain caustic substances or to maintain a seal of freshness. The functional side of these seals requires them to be inert and seal to plastics at a certain temperature. The other side of these foils is what is viewable to the end-user. This material often has a blank metallic look to it.  Our customer approached ECS with the desire to print instructions and product branding information on this part of the heat sealable foil.

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New directories for engineers and suppliers


my adhesive suppliers screenshot

We’ve listened to our users and done something awesome.

We know how annoying it is to fill in lengthy profiles for your company, so you no longer have to do that.  We’ve built an industrial directory engine that visits supplier sites (like your site), crawls them, finds relevant products, services, certifications, industries, and more, and automatically creates supplier profiles.  It’s very similar to Google, but focussed on manufacturing niches.

We’ve done this because we realize it’s time to move away from filling out your basic company information on a thousand industrial directories.  Our profiles are complete and accurate, and will only get better as our system grows and we perfect our algorithms. Check out this profile for MG Chemicals Ltd. a supplier of shielding, epoxy, and lubricants.  That’s right, no one had to create that profile.  Our system did it automatically.  How cool!?!

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What are all the components of an LCD screen?


custom lcd screen

Great site from All Shore Industries, a designer and manufacturer of custom lcd screens. They run through all the layers of LCD screens and provide interesting information. Great resource for anyone working with screens.

Engineering Case Study: How to find a unique LCD screen in 48 hours or less


Editors note: This is a Case Study from our trade show partner, The Del Mar Electronics and Design Show.  Their online system, Virtual Trade Show is powered by the Industrial Interface Web Platform.

1) Case Study: How to find a unique LCD screen in 48 hours?

An engineer at a large electronics manufacturer had been searching for LCD manufacturers and representatives for about a month. The engineer found it difficult to find the right supplier because of the unique specs required for his LCD. Using Virtual Trade Show he typed in the title of his sourcing need “12.1″ XGA High-Bright LCD with Wide Operating Temperature” and within a few minutes had outlined all the requirements of his project. The engineer started receiving quotes for COTS and Custom solutions the very next day.

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CRM choices – Zoho vs. Highrise


I have had so many conversations with people about how to choose a CRM and which are the best.  The two that people keep asking about are Zoho and Highrise.  So here is my personal opinion on these two CRMs.

What happens after a engineering project is posted?


The idea behind Industrial Interface is pretty simple.  Engineers need stuff and suppliers sell stuff.  We put the two groups together in a very efficient way.  An engineer describes what she is looking for in detail, and our system puts her project in front of relevant suppliers who might be able to help.  If they can help, they pay us a fee (to encourage high quality connections and keep the service running) and then they can contact her.  That sure was simple.  Now I’m going to give you the details. Read the rest of this entry »