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  1. Amazing periodic table. Each element has a video explaining it’s history, uses, characteristics, etc. –
  2. The humorous result of years of Intense Study and Engineering Experience
  3. Twitter Lists for Nerds – engineering, science, technology, and even NASA!
  4. Follow all the nasa twitter feeds in one list –
  5. My favorite engineering blog discussing innovations in rural Africa. –

Editors Pick

  1. The Greatest Scientific Special of All Time: Absolute Zero, The Science of Cold. Watch it here –

Top 10 Features of Globalspec, Good & Bad (Online Industrial Supplier Listings Part II)


Globalspec is probably the most popular of all the industrial supplier listings for engineers and designers.  They boast 5 Million registered users, including engineers, purchasing agents, technicians, etc.  They have a huge supplier database, and are branded as the Engineering Search Engine.  Most other sites cater specifically to purchasing departments, although Globalspec’s offerings don’t differ much from the norm.

Globalspec Screenshot of Homepage

Highlights for Engineers and Designers

The Good

  1. Globalspec has one of the largest supplier databases on the web, along with Thomasnet and Macrae’s Blue Book, and is one of the easiest supplier listing sites to navigate.
  2. Globalspec maintains one of the largest engineering forums on the web.  There’s an active community of engineers helping each other with simple to very technical problems.
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Online Industrial Supplier Listings Part I: A Multi-Post Review



A comprehensive feature on Industrial Supplier Listings

Because of the need for these listings, I am going to do a series of reviews on many of the most established ones.  There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of these listings scattered around the internet, but a handful have developed incredibly detailed categories, seemingly endless suppliers for each niche, and many have their own features that make them unique.

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