SBIR Grants: Step 1 – Eligibility and Registration


The US Federal Government runs a program titled “Small Business Innovation Research” that gives grants to support R&D efforts of small, US companies.

This is the second post in a series of how-tos to help a company apply for an SBIR Grant.

  1. How to and register for an SBIR small business grant (this post)
  2. How to Find a Solicitation

I have created a worksheet to help you through this process.  I suggest printing the worksheet before proceeding to the SBIR Registration site.

Download Registration Worksheet 

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

These grants are intended for US companies with less than 500 employees.  For more details, please see the full list of SBIR Grant Eligibility Requirements.

Step 2: Register with the SBIR program

First, you need to register with the SBIR system.  I created a worksheet to help you make sure you have all the necessary information.  All registrations are free.

Some information is not required unless you are awarded a grant.  I recommend completing only the required information until you have submitted your grant application.

You can visit the SBIR Registration Page to look up your current status.  This is also where you will register your company.  You only need to complete this process once, regardless of the number of applications you submit.

Required Information

Before Submitting an Application:

  • Company name, address, city, state, zip
  • Federal Tax ID (if not yet incorporated, your SSN can be used temporarily)
  • Your SBA SBC ID. This is a number that verifies your company’s status as a small business (based on the eligibility requirements above), and can be obtained at
  • History of your company’s SBIR grants (see worksheet for details)

After Application Submission, but Before Grant:


I have created a worksheet with the minimum info required to register.

Download Registration Worksheet 


Once you have the necessary contact information, registration numbers, and other codes, you should proceed to the SBIR Registration site to fill out the application.

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