The next generation of industrial research tool has arrived.


We’ve just launched our new research tool for the manufacturing industry.  It’s called Industry Cortex.

Right now we’re testing it with information on 2,500 adhesive suppliers, their products, services, datasheets, images, and more.  Check it out and leave us some feedback in the comments.  Thanks for all the support from the suppliers, manufacturers, trade groups, and industry professionals that have helped us take this next step.

Here’s a bio from the site:

What is

Industry Cortex is a research tool for engineers, buyers, and suppliers. We index information about every sector of the manufacturing industry. We work with manufacturing companies, industry trade associations, and government agencies to bring you the most relevant, complete, and complete information available.

Industry Cortex was built and is managed by a team of manufacturing experts — engineers, designers, purchasers, and salespeople — to help you with every research, design, and manufacturing need.

What information is available?

Industry Cortex gathers information from companies, organizations, and governement agencies serving the manufacturing industry. This includes suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, distributers, industry trade groups, and professional socities. Currently we have searchable indexes of industrial companies, datasheets, webpages, and product images.

Who should use Industry Cortex?

Industry Cortex was built for individuals, businesses, and organizations across every sectors of the manufacturing industry. If you need information about products, services, companies, certifications, industry groups, or anything else industrial, then Industry Cortex is for you.

How does Industry Cortex work?

Industry Cortex works like other major search engines, but is focussed specifically on the manufacturing industry. We gather information from relevant industrial websites and from users submitting content directly. Our system is constantly expanding and updating available data to provide relevant and complete information about every sector of the maunfacturing industry.

How do I add my information or company?

You can add your information or your company by contacting Industry Cortex directly at 858-633-8158, or emailing us at

Check out a few example pages:

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    Where should I go for heavy equipment parts?

  2. Jason says:

    Great post, just found this search resource. Looking to learn more about this. We are a distributor servicing the metal stamping industry.

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