Bond and EMI Shield with same part, FASTELek, an engineering case study from Fastel Adhesives


Editors note: This is a Case Study from our partner supplier Fastel Adhesives, and here is their Industrial Interface Supplier Profile.  Learn more about Fastel’s FASTELEK Materials.

1) How do you bond a housing together and create an EMI/RFI Shield?

EMI Shielding is a very complex subject with a lot of considerations. Whenever you are evaluating an EMI shield you need to think about galvanic reactions, frequencies you are shielding, costs, and additional functions of the EMI shielding gasket. An engineer working on a wireless transceiver contacted Fastel looking to create an EMI shielding gasket in a complex geometry.

2) What options exist for complex geometry EMI shielding gaskets?

Evaluating the options for an EMI/RFI shielding gasket you have the following well known options:

Extruded gaskets coated with conductive particles

  • Upside: Inexpensive way to create large, conductive gaskets
  • Downside: Only good for sealing some sort of clamshell design

Die cut gaskets filled with conductive particles or wires

  • Upside: Very conformable and able to have very thin materials cut to complex shapes
  • Downside: The center of the die cut gaskets wastes a lot of expensive conductive particles, which makes these gaskets extremely expensive

Form in place UV cured conductive gaskets

  • Upside: Dispensable in a variety of patterns and bead sizes, with little waste of expensive conductive filler.
  • Downside: Large capital equipment purchases are required.

All of these options have specific applications where they are the best solution available.

3) How do you decide which option to pursue?

This particular engineer needed a silver filled material to get the desired conductivity without a galvanic reaction. The other problem the engineer faced was the need for a very thin gasket, effectively ruling out the thick extruded materials. Because the customer’s product is a price competitive product, they were unable to use the die-cut gaskets where waste was unavoidable. This left a form in place gasket as the only option they were aware of. Dreading the purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, they continued searching for alternatives.

4) Fastelek to the rescue

Fastelek was the ideal solution because it allowed the die-cutting of the complex shapes, but since the center of the part could be re-used, the cost of the gasket was kept pretty low. The Fastelek material could be both a compression activated EMI shielding gasket or a heat activated, bonding, EMI shielding gasket, meaning this engineer now had new options previously undiscovered. Unlike most conductive adhesives, the Fastelek material can be filled so much that it can actually be used as a conductive trace, but still bond aggressively.

5) A cost effective shielding gasket

The 6″ diameter gasket was about the same price that form in place gasket material would have cost, but there was no additional capital expenditures. The engineer was able to bond his EMI Shielding material in place with a quick blast of heat. The conductive Fastelek material did not flow, so he was able to put traces extremely close to the gasket prior to curing it. Overall, the Fastelek material was a dream come true for this application.

Anytime you need a flat conductive material contact us! We can custom formulate the material to your desired thickness, fill it with whatever conductive particles you want, and then die-cut it directly to your desired shape.

About Fastel Adhesives

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  • Fastel adhesive products are low cost temperature engineered adhesive pads designed for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Our adhesive products add adhesion strength through a uniform bond line packaged with a easy no mess installation.
  • Fastel Film: FastelFILM is a unique pre-formed high performance temperature engineered heat activated adhesive product designed to customer thickness and application mounting outline specifications.
  • Fastelek: Fastelek is a unique pre-formed Electrically Conductive temperature engineered heat activated adhesive product designed to customer thickness and application mounting outline specifications.
  • Metal Foil: Fastel Adhesive & Foil Products offers a wide range of aluminum, copper or stainless steel foil solutions to maximize your product and manufacturing requirements. Our low cost foil solutions give our customer’s flexibility with respect to design and delivery requirements.
  • Devinall: Devinall has been developed over the past 3 years by Fastel Adhesive Products in order to provide customers with cost effective thin film polyimide solutions with relaible dielectric/insulating characteristics.
  • Fastel Foil: Our FastelFoil Products are readily available in multiple substrate constructions designed to best suit your foil sealing requirements.  FastelFoil can be applied using commercially available heat and induction sealing devices.   FastelFoil can be delivered in continuous log rolls, slit log rolls, foil bags or die cut seals per your specification.

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