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We’ve listened to our users and done something awesome.

We know how annoying it is to fill in lengthy profiles for your company, so you no longer have to do that.  We’ve built an industrial directory engine that visits supplier sites (like your site), crawls them, finds relevant products, services, certifications, industries, and more, and automatically creates supplier profiles.  It’s very similar to Google, but focussed on manufacturing niches.

We’ve done this because we realize it’s time to move away from filling out your basic company information on a thousand industrial directories.  Our profiles are complete and accurate, and will only get better as our system grows and we perfect our algorithms. Check out this profile for MG Chemicals Ltd. a supplier of shielding, epoxy, and lubricants.  That’s right, no one had to create that profile.  Our system did it automatically.  How cool!?!

What directories have you done so far?

We’re building these slowly but surely and expect to have many more in the coming months. For not, take a minute to check out our:

What’s next?

We have much more in the works. We recognize two extremely important aspects of attending trade shows, and we’re going to mimic that as best as we can on an industrial directory.  We’re going to make it easier for you to visually browse products, services, and applications, and make sure that you can always contact an expert about what you need.  Watch for coming additions to these directories in the coming months.

What can I do now?

Contact us to add your company to any of our directories, or suggest a new directory for us to build so that your company can be showcased. We are focussing on specific niches so that we can target the subtleties of each of those markets.  Give us all your feedback.  It’s more helpful than you can imagine.

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