Engineering Case Study: How to find a unique LCD screen in 48 hours or less


Editors note: This is a Case Study from our trade show partner, The Del Mar Electronics and Design Show.  Their online system, Virtual Trade Show is powered by the Industrial Interface Web Platform.

1) Case Study: How to find a unique LCD screen in 48 hours?

An engineer at a large electronics manufacturer had been searching for LCD manufacturers and representatives for about a month. The engineer found it difficult to find the right supplier because of the unique specs required for his LCD. Using Virtual Trade Show he typed in the title of his sourcing need “12.1″ XGA High-Bright LCD with Wide Operating Temperature” and within a few minutes had outlined all the requirements of his project. The engineer started receiving quotes for COTS and Custom solutions the very next day.

2) How do you sort through catalogs of hundreds of suppliers of XGA LCD screens?

This engineer described on Virtual Trade Show that his group is looking for LCD panel for an Aerospace application.  They had extensively searched the market for LCDs that met these specs:

  1. 12.1″ diagonal size (to be used in PORTRAIT orientation)
  2. Operating temperature of at least -30degC to +80degC
  3. Wide viewing angle (at least 80/80/80/80)in portrait mode
  4. Minimal colour inversion (IPS or FFS technology ideal for this)
  5. No image retention even when displaying prolonged static images
  6. Capable of delivering >1370cd/m2 to the user’s eye
  7. Will be used with LED backlight
  8. Pixel response time 20ms (nominally 40ms)
  9. Refresh rate 50Hz
  10. Red/green contrast ratio of at least 150:1
  11. Large area uniformity – within 10% of any fixed point on display area
  12. Small area uniformity – within 15% of any fixed point 10mm apart

3) Why Virtual Trade Show was the solution?

The engineer had scoured the web, having over a $100k/yr to spend on these LCD panels, and could not find a supplier to help him. Virtual Trade Show helped with this problem by flipping the way that the industry works.  The Engineer posted his project at no cost and waited for suppliers to contact him. By allowing potential suppliers to view the project details and requirements, Virtual Trade Show saved the Engineer the time and hassle of researching and calling over 275 potential  suppliers individually.  Instead, the Engineer was able to get back to designing his application knowing that local representatives from the suppliers that sold exactly what he was looking for would be contacting him directly.

4) Why its more effective to have a community of proactive Suppliers?

Suppliers of high-tech products employ very technical salespeople, including many with engineering backgrounds, who understand the detailed features of their products and the applications they are used in.  Design Engineers, on the other hand, are wearing more hats than ever and constantly encounter new applications and projects. Researching technologies takes a lot of time and money.  By allowing technical salespeople to review the detailed requirements and design problems that the engineer is facing, the process of taking a product from design/concept to manufacturing can be made dramatically more efficient.

5) Overall Results of using Virtual Trade Show…

A win for all parties involved. 96% of design engineers find at least one supplier who can help with their project. The design engineer pays nothing and shortens his time of R&D and searching through directories of suppliers. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so post your project now to the large text box on

We guarantee that this process will save you time and money.  Feel free to call or email us for more information. My name is Chris and I can be reached at 858-633-8158 or by email at

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