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Editors note: This is a Case Study from our partner supplier Fastel Adhesives, and here is their Industrial Interface Supplier Profile.

1) Glue in the form of film?

As an engineer, I was always interested in the latest, greatest, and most unique technologies. Fastel Adhesives introduces the world’s only glue in the form of Film that bonds and seals quickly. Benefits include:
  • No Mess
  • Quick Cure
  • Re-Workable

2) Custom Die-Cutting

All of our FastelFilm products have the ability to be die cut per your mounting or sealing outline requirements (Available options include die cut individual parts or continuous die cut parts on rolls for efficient dispensing/installation). Popular applications include bonding and/or sealing of a variety of materials, fasteners, components as well as lamination of materials throughout multiple industries including electronics, automotive, alternative energy, medical, industrial and packaging markets.

3) Easy Rework

With FastelFilm’s quick cure time, the adhesive can be applied using a variety of thermal induction methods including a curing oven (most common). Fastelfilm can be cycled higher than its recommended application temperatures for long periods of time if being cured alongside other heat required materials/adhesives in a curing oven. Need to re-work without damaging the materials you are working with? Simple! Fastelfilm is re-workable by simply re-applying heat past its phase-change temperature.

4) Heat Activated Bonding

Our FastelFilm Heat Activated Adhesive Films are readily available in multiple thicknesses (0.001″ to 0.050″) and formulation phase-change (melt point) temperatures. Fastelfilm’s ability to provide a high performance bond is not only a result of its unique formulation, but through its ability to fill in microscopic surface imperfections of your materials during application as well as provide a uniform bond line between 2 material interfaces. Popular phase-change temperatures include 160F/71C, 200F/93C and 230F/110C. Options include a free standing adhesive film product or FastelFilm Adhesive coated on 1 or 2 sides at multiple thicknesses on a range of Foils, PET Films, Kapton/Polyimide Films just to name a few.

About Fastel Adhesives

San Clemente, CA, USA
949-369-7676 ext. 109
  • Fastel adhesive products are low cost temperature engineered adhesive pads designed for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Our adhesive products add adhesion strength through a uniform bond line packaged with a easy no mess installation.
  • Fastel Film: FastelFILM is a unique pre-formed high performance temperature engineered heat activated adhesive product designed to customer thickness and application mounting outline specifications.
  • Fastelek: Fastelek is a unique pre-formed Electrically Conductive temperature engineered heat activated adhesive product designed to customer thickness and application mounting outline specifications.
  • Metal Foil: Fastel Adhesive & Foil Products offers a wide range of aluminum, copper or stainless steel foil solutions to maximize your product and manufacturing requirements. Our low cost foil solutions give our customer’s flexibility with respect to design and delivery requirements.
  • Devinall: Devinall has been developed over the past 3 years by Fastel Adhesive Products in order to provide customers with cost effective thin film polyimide solutions with relaible dielectric/insulating characteristics.
  • Fastel Foil: Our FastelFoil Products are readily available in multiple substrate constructions designed to best suit your foil sealing requirements. ¬†FastelFoil can be applied using commercially available heat and induction sealing devices. ¬† FastelFoil can be delivered in continuous log rolls, slit log rolls, foil bags or die cut seals per your specification.

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