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One of the most important features of Industrial Interface is the ease with which a sourcing need can be passed around our network of suppliers and engineers.  This makes it easy for your design application to reach people with relevant experience who can help.  Why is this so important?

Sharing your project mimics what happens right now, but in a really efficient way.  When you want to talk to another engineer about your application, or a new supplier, you have to start fresh in the conversation. This means describing your application, then the technical specs, and all the special requirements that go along with it.

Manage sourcing needs

What’s nice about managing your sourcing needs through Industrial Interface is that you only have to communicate this information once. Post the details of your application and then every person who you share it with has all the information they need to help you out. No more repeating yourself on the phone, and answering the same basic questions over and over. You can even add files: drawing, pictures, spec sheets, etc… You have a complete description of what you are looking for, or what you are trying to do.

Network effect

The real benefit of sharing projects happens once your application is introduced to our supplier community. Now dozens of relevant suppliers can quickly review it.  If they sell what you need they can reach out and help. If they don’t, then they can easily share it with more experts who can.

The beauty of this community is the experience and knowledge that technical salespeople have regarding their products and services.  They don’t simply sell products. They are consultants to their customers, helping them apply their products in innovative ways. They know their product lines and they know their competitors’ product lines.

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, called a supplier they have worked with successfully in the past and asked them for help finding something you know they don’t sell?  Everyone has. Industrial Interface just makes this easier.

Share your project

So next time you post a project to our system, give it a kick start by sharing your need with a few suppliers that you have worked successfully with in the past.  Or if you have a few suppliers who may sell what you need, post your need once to Industrial Interface and then send them a link.  I guarantee it will save you needless calls to people who don’t have the parts you are looking for, and will get you on the phone with the right people much faster.

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