What happens after a engineering project is posted?


The idea behind Industrial Interface is pretty simple.  Engineers need stuff and suppliers sell stuff.  We put the two groups together in a very efficient way.  An engineer describes what she is looking for in detail, and our system puts her project in front of relevant suppliers who might be able to help.  If they can help, they pay us a fee (to encourage high quality connections and keep the service running) and then they can contact her.  That sure was simple.  Now I’m going to give you the details.

Step 1: Engineer posts a project

The first step on our site is an engineer posting a specific application for which a solution or a supplier is needed.  An engineer looking for a small heating unit is a great example of a project and you can see the level of detail that we ask for.  The goal with a project is for the engineer to clearly outline what he is trying to do, the technical requirements of the application, and any other details that allow a supplier to recognize whether or not he can provide what the engineer needs (detailed description of an engineering project posting).

Step 2: System identifies relevant suppliers

Once an engineer submits a project, our system goes to work.  It processes the project and identifies relevant suppliers within our system based on their detailed supplier profiles.  Our system also searches outside our database and finds relevant suppliers via industrial directories and supplier websites.  The goal is to find as many suppliers as we can that both sell what the engineer needs, and sell it in the engineer’s region.

Our system will often identify dozens of relevant suppliers (sometimes hundreds), and at that point, it sends an email to them all notifying them of the project.  The link they get takes them to a project page that looks like this screenshot.

Step 3: Suppliers review project

At this point, a supplier can review the location of the engineer, the company size, industry, and all the technical details of the application. The supplier then makes a well informed decision about the project. If it’s a good fit for his business, then he can purchase the lead and contact the engineer.  If he doesn’t have an account, he is forced to complete one before contacting any members of Industrial Interface. Both parties are then alerted of the match.

If the supplier doesn’t sell what the engineer needs, then he can simply click “Share This Lead” and send the project along to another supplier that can help.  This is often how suppliers get the best leads, and we have simply streamlined the process through our system.  How nice is it not to repeat your project on the phone to dozens of different salespeople?

Step 4: Engineer finds solution and supplier

After suppliers click contact, both parties are alerted of the match and a connection is made. Our goal is to put engineers in touch with five suppliers for every project they post: the optimal number that doesn’t overwhelm engineers and buyers and keeps our suppliers excited about their chance of winning business.  Usually this connection happens within a few days of a project being posted to our site, but we’ve seen it happen as quickly as a few minutes, and we’re getting better every day.  Over 90% of projects posted by engineers have been contacted by relevant suppliers.  Once you find what you need, simply login and close your project and no one else will be able to contact you.

Why this works so well?

Industrial Interface eliminates the hassle of finding parts and puts engineers and buyers in direct contact with local sales reps who have already screened the application and know that they sell exactly what is needed.  Wow!  That is so simple. How did anyone find parts before Industrial Interface?

Give it a try

Industrial Interface is always free for engineers and buyers to use, and it only takes a few minutes to create an account and post your first project.  Remember to enter as much information as you can about your application so that our system can eliminate suppliers that aren’t relevant to your need.  (read more about posting a complete project)

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