How do engineers and buyers currently find products and services online?


Right now, and I mean right this second… there are thousands of engineers and technical buyers searching for industrial products, components, materials, and services across hundreds of industries and thousands of product categories. The web traffic on industrial directories alone is on the order of 500,000 visits per day.

These searches end in a page that links to hundreds of suppliers for a specific category (5,300 in adhesives on Thomasnet,1,300 on Macrae’s Blue Book, and 1,100 results on Globalspec). “Look now many suppliers we have.” This seems exciting but is an absolute nightmare for someone looking for products.  What’s next?  The engineer or buyer has to:

  • click through dozens of supplier websites
  • review products and guess if each company sells what he needs
  • call a central number and describe his application
  • get connected to a manager and describe his application
  • wait for a call from a local rep to describe his application
  • contact a distributor to actually purchase the product
  • get referred to another company because this one doesn’t have what he needs
  • start over!

Let suppliers find you

Industrial Interface eliminates all this mess and puts engineers and buyers in direct contact with a local sales rep who has already screened the application and knows that he sells exactly what is needed.  Wow!  That is so simple.  Why not share your application with our community and let suppliers find you?

How do we do this

Our suppliers create incredibly detailed profiles where they input all of the products, services, and certifications for the companies that they sell products for.  We use this data to match your projects with relevant suppliers both inside and outside of our system.

Our industrial search engine

If you aren’t ready to post a project to an open system, at least give our aggregated industrial search engine a try.  We’ve compiled 40 of the best search sites into a custom Google search engine that makes it quicker and more efficient to find what you’re looking for.  Why not search all 40 of these sites at once?

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