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If you are a technical salesperson and have ever pinged an engineer who just spec’d in another supplier for a part you could have supplied, then this post is for you.

The problem Sales people face is two fold:  (1) Figuring out who the real decision makers are, and, (2) Making sure that you are meeting with that individual when they are working on relevant projects.  Even when you think you and your decision maker are best buddies and that you will get called when you are needed, you are probably missing business.

The problem with this industry is that there is no visibility on what engineers are working on, and engineers have a tough time knowing the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of products and services that any given supplier offers.

Solution: Industrial Interface Partnership Landing Pages (PLP).

What is a Partnership Landing Page (PLP)?

A PLP is a co-branded URL like the one shown below; setup for COG Engineering and hosted by Industrial Interface at  It features information about the supplier firm and an Industrial Interface signup form.  These pages can be customized to fit your needs.

How does a PLP increase visibility on your customers?

Every time that an Engineer signs up through your PLP, that engineer becomes associated with your company.  This means that within Industrial Interface, that Engineer is yours.  You get to see every project he posts, and you receive first right of refusal on those projects (engineering projects explained).  If you can’t help him, then his project will go live for other suppliers to view.  This way, you and Industrial Interface become a resource for every sourcing need that engineer has.  By promoting this page to your current database of customers, you are able to see projects from customers that you would have otherwise missed.

PLP Use Case

You are working with an Engineer at Rockwell Automation.  This Engineer asks if you can supply custom cable and connector assemblies.  You sell EMI/RFI shielding materials and board level components, but know someone who does sell what the engineer needs.  You can either (Option A) put the Engineer directly in touch with your cable and connector contact, or (Option B) you can tell the Engineer to post their design project through your PLP.

Option A Results: You may get a thank you from the cable and connector sales person. Maybe this sales person refers some EMI/RFI shielding business to you in the future.

Option B Results: Because the Rockwell engineer has gone through your PLP, you receive an email notifying you that he has posted a project.  You review the project, realize it’s not for you, and indicate that this project is outside of your competencies.  You then “Share This Lead” with the same sales person mentioned in Option A, and maybe the sales person refers business back to you.  The Rockwell engineer finds a cable and connector supplier through your contact or another supplier using Industrial Interface.

A few months later that same Rockwell engineer posts a project that requires EMI/RFI shielding. You receive an email notifying you about this project. You know that you can provide a solution to this problem, so you indicate that you want to claim the lead and no one else will be able to view the project.

You get complete visibility and the right to claim projects coming from any engineers you refer to the Industrial Interface system through your PLP.

How does my company qualify for a PLP?

  1. Our goal is to only allow the best suppliers to create Premium Accounts and PLPs.  This means you must have a dedicated technical sales rep in the territory you are marketing to, and you must be an established firm with a history of success helping engineers with their designs.
  2. You must be doing active email marketing to your contact database or plan to work with us to start an industrial B2B email marketing campaign.  We will help you promote your PLP to your customers by assisting with email promotion, giving your salespeople custom business cards with your personal PLP address, and by redirecting the “Contact Us” section of your website to your PLP if you choose.
  3. Your contact database should be in excess of 1k Engineers.  If you do not have this many contacts in your database, we can help augment your contacts with a qualified list of engineering targets.

What are the costs associated with a PLP?

Costs are dependent upon how broad your product line is, how big your database of contacts is, and what type of company you are.  We’ve created PLPs for small Rep Groups and for large OEMs. Prices can range from $500 – $25k.

Call us now to learn more

There are a lot of benefits from partnering with Industrial Interface. We have worked as Manufacturer’s Reps, Distributor Sales Managers, and OEM Outside Sales Engineers for over 25 years. Our goal is to help your company increase the number of quality business opportunities you receive. We can help you grow your business, we work quickly, and are passionate about customer satisfaction. WE GUARANTEE that your PLP will return it’s cost via new business within 6 months or your money back.

Contact me (Chris Powell) to learn more: or call 858.633.8158.

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