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This post is meant for Technical Suppliers looking for more leads from engineers.  Data and pricing are accurate as of July 2010.  Call for details: 858-633-8158.

Industrial Interface is the number one source for qualified engineering leads posted by engineers who need to buy right now. We’ve always offered these leads at flat fee of $50 each. This is great for supplier firms or OEMs that only offer a few niche products. In contrast, Manufacturer Rep Groups, Supplier Firms, Larger OEMs and other firms that offer a broad array of products and services benefit from our monthly subscription plan offering unlimited access to leads that match their profile.

Here’s what happening

  1. Over 1,500 industrial manufacturers, OEMs, and supplier firms are already represented on Industrial Interface.
  2. Engineers at hundreds of manufacturing companies are using Industrial Interface to source solutions for their designs.
  3. The average project posted by engineers is worth $100,000 annually for suppliers. That’s good business!

Standard Supplier Account (monthly subscription)

Our price for subscriptions is $100/month with a minimum of 3-months and no maximum (discounts are available for 6 and 12 month packages).  So what do you get with a subscription?

Unlimited access to leads: You will have the ability to see the contact information for every project in Industrial Interface.  No more thinking to yourself, “I’d like to contact that guy, but I need some more details before ponying up $50.”

Automatic notification of leads: With a completed supplier profile and a standard supplier account, our system will automatically notify you of all projects that are relevant to your business based on the information you enter into your profile.  You can also login and browse all the leads in the product categories you represent.

Ratings and review: We want suppliers to spend time working with engineers who want to work with them.  To ensure this, engineers rate their interactions with you and we track who you contact.  If you SPAM engineers or don’t sell anything close to what they are looking for, you can be kicked off of Industrial Interface.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, and I think we’ve all made enough cold calls in our life anyway!

Our Guarantee

We’ve been working hard to develop partnerships that bring more valuable engineering projects to our system, and we’ve seen huge success. We are so sure that you will see a favorable ROI on this investment that we are offering 6-months free if you are unsatisfied after a 6-month trial.

Get more qualified leads from Industrial Interface.  If you are new to Industrial Interface, there may be discounts available. Contact me directly to sign up: or 858-633-8158.

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