Engineers are looking for you! I’ll teach you how to get found!


This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople who want more business from engineers.

The job of an engineer is to solve complex design problems.  As part of the solution, they are often tasked with finding the right supplier who has the product or service that solves a portion of the problem.  This process usually involves:  (1) Research on what technologies are available and (2) Testing different solutions that they have found from vendors.  This process is where the Engineer can save the most money and make design decisions that make or break a product.

As a salesperson, your job is to make sure that Engineers contact you at the R&D stage so that your solution is tested.  Easier said than done!  Most OEM Representatives have more products than their customers realize, and most Manufacturer’s Representatives have 5 or 10 OEM lines that they represent.  So, how do you make sure that Engineers test your products or services?  Below, I have outlined 5 ways to get more leads and more business from engineers that are looking for you right now!

Become every Engineer’s favorite Salesperson

I wrote a previous blog discussing why Engineers call salespeople before they google and it will help you maximize the business that you get from the Engineers that you meet with face to face. Once you have gained rapport with them, turn your customers into your salespeople by asking for referrals.

Have a kick ass marketing team

In order to bring in new leads, you need to have some great visibility. Engineers need to be able to find you. Sign up for a free account on every website Engineers treat as a resource, exhibit at the trade shows that have the best foot traffic, and establish good relationships with your principals. Here is a list of some of the national Engineering Resources we have found. If you know of any others, let us know by adding a comment. Don’t forget to sign up for a free supplier account on Industrial Interface too, and learn why an Industrial Interface account is important here.

Create a great website

I’m not talking about making a really pretty website with awesome Flash and graphics. I’m talking about really interesting content that Engineers enjoy and learn from. Make your site a resource about the applications your company helps solve, not just a list of product sku’s. If you do this, engineers will bookmark your website and treat you as the authoritative expert in the field.  Here are two websites that have done this really well:

- 3M Vikuiti Film: By far the best web resource out there on how LCD tvs work and why 3Ms films are so important when it comes to getting the desired display qualities.

-AQS Contract Manufacturing: The most complete glossary out there on Electronic Manufacturing acronyms.  Boy are there a ton!  It’s like learning a different language.

Post your favorite supplier websites to the comments.  We are thinking about highlighting one supplier website every month and would love your input.

Email all of your contacts

Every salesperson knows that they are not capturing 100% of the business they should from the contacts in their database.  The key here is make sure that you stay in front of your customers and targets with email marketing.  You have an extraordinary amount of knowledge that engineers are looking for.  They are not going to be upset by you teaching them something relevant about their jobs.  Check out our Email Marketing to Engineers by Engineers post for more information about how to get your email marketing efforts off the ground.

If you follow these four tips, you will increase your exposure and, consequently, the number of quality leads you get.  I am always willing to help, so please feel free to contact me with questions: or 858-633-8158.

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