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This post is meant for all the Technical Salespeople using Industrial Interface.

If you’re involved with industrial B2B sales and have not earned business from an Industrial Interface lead, then you are missing out!  In this post I want to teach you how to maximize the likelihood of winning business from the hundreds of engineering and manufacturing firms using Industrial Interface.

Getting noticed

Suppliers with complete Industrial Interface profiles receive emails notifying them when relevant business opportunities have been posted to Industrial Interface.  If you have not completed your profile, you are missing out on business leads coming through our site, and we have no way to let you know.  It’s free to sign up, so if you haven’t already, sign up now and complete your profile!  Within 10 minutes you will be viewing dozens of relevant business opportunities related to the products and services you offer, and you’ll be helping our engineers do their jobs more efficiently.

See an example of a complete profile from David Stewart of Apex Machine Tool below:

Personal Bio

Think of this as the place to brag about yourself and why you are the best person to help Engineers. They view your bio as a way to relate to you on a personal level.  Use this field to quickly establish rapport with an Engineer.

Product Categories

Check all of the different major categories of products you sell.  The categories you select will help us to figure out what type of projects you are interested in seeing.  Keep the deals related to you by just selecting the categories of products and services that are home run applications for you, or where you know enough to share these projects with other suppliers who can help.

Sales Region

We know that you only receive credit for sales in your territories, but that different products often have different territories.  Choose all of the regions in which you represent at least one product.  This will ensure you don’t miss out on any potential applications.

Companies you work for or represent

If you are a direct OEM representative, you will probably only list one company here.  If you are a manufacturer’s representative, list your rep organization as well as all of the companies that you are a representative for.  Industrial Interface is the only site that tracks this information and it’s an extremely valuable aspect of your supplier profile.

Product Keywords

This is one of the most important fields.  Make this field as complete as possible, but only list the products that you directly represent.  If you represent a company that does custom cables, but sometimes you buy power sources and wire them, DO NOT put power sources here.  You will receive projects of engineers who are looking for power sources.  Keep this field directly to the keywords of products that are your specialty.

Service Keywords

Many of the projects that come through Industrial Interface require a custom service of some sort.  Die-cutting, Assembly, Design, and Injection Molding are just a few of the more popular services that Engineers look for on our site.  Once again, focus on the services that you perform internally.  Tell us what your core competencies are, not the stuff that you farm out to other manufacturers.


Tell us all the certifications that your company has paid thousands of dollars to get.  When a big aerospace company posts a project, they require AS9100 certifications.  If you have this certification, and don’t list it here, you won’t see their project.


Put your website here.  If your company does not have a website, please contact us about how we can get a partner landing page up for you: or 858.633.8158

Your picture

Show off that gorgeous mug of yours and make your profile more personal by adding a photo.

Other profile information

These can be accessed at the bottom of the edit profile page.

Upload Files – The more files you upload to our site, the better your profile will be ranked by google and the more engineers will find you.  Case Studies, Product data sheets, catalogs, linecards, and other information in formats including: .doc .xls .ppt .pdf or .txt can be indexed to complete your profile.  These files can be downloaded by Engineers.

My Account – This is where you can change any of your personal information associated with your account.

What Next?

Now that you have completed your Industrial Interface supplier account, get excited to buy some leads and win some new business.  We are excited to help grow your business and are always excited to hear from our users with suggestions on how to make the supplier profile even more complete.

From time to time we write blog posts that promote suppliers with complete and detailed profiles to all of the engineers that visit Industrial Interface.  The first step to getting this honor is to complete your profile in as much detail as you can. Contact me with any questions at and leave your profile link in the comments to enter the Supplier of the Year contest.

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