Double the leads from your current customers: email marketing to engineers by engineers


This post is meant for all the Industrial Supplier Firms thinking about e-mail marketing.

If you are in technical sales, this post is for you.  This includes Manufacturing Rep Groups, Distributors, and OEMs who want to get more business from their contact database.  There are a ton of reasons to Email Market and practically no reasons not to.  So, why haven’t you started? Because it seems like such a big task that you don’t know where to start?  Well, I’m here to tell you where to start and how we can help!

Engineers are information hungry people and your company has a ton of very valuable information to share with them.  That’s how you need to look at Email Marketing.  You are not promoting your company via email.  You are sharing brief blurbs about topics on which you are an expert.  So here are the five steps to starting a successful email marketing campaign to Engineers:

Write the content

Don’t start your email marketing campaign until you have atleast five emails ready to go.  The key to writing the content ahead of time is that it allows you to consistently email your customers and targets.  People like being able to count on the fact that the first Monday of every month they get an email from XYZ manufacturing.

Keep it short

Don’t write a book.  Your goal is to become recognized as a resource.  This means your companies newsletter needs to be concise and full of information applicable to your audience.  Tell stories, give examples, and appeal to the human side of engineers.

Keep it simple

Write a sentence or two about your company.  Then, write a paragraph about a product and why it is is the next wave in technology or explain how a specific process in which you specialize works. Engineers will never know your entire catalog, but they’ll remember that you are an expert on a niche application and will associate you with that product category.

Pick an email client to send  your emails through

There are a ton of them like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and Emma.  Some have better tracking that others, while some are less expensive.  Others are easier to use.  It’s a trade off.  Call me for help getting started: Chris Powell – 858-633-8158

Allocate enough resources

Writing a good newsletter is going to take some time and some practice. Make sure that you try the marketing campaign for enough time. Enough time is about two times the sell cycle time for your product. In the electronics industry, this could be six months. In the defense or auto industry, this could be three years. Adjust accordingly.  This allows you to hit every potential customer during a period when you know they need to buy.

How can Industrial Interface help

I have spoken with hundreds of supplier firms about how they can get started with email marketing, and 99% of them say that they just don’t have the time to get it off the ground. For this reason, Industrial Interface is now offering six-month email marketing campaigns for our suppliers.  We evaluate your goals with the campaign, fill in the holes, and get everything set up and running for six months.  We market to engineers all day long, and we know how to keep it short, and keep it simple.

If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact me at or 858-633-8158.

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