Industrial parts search on steroids


I know a lot of people still like to browse online industrial listings even though Industrial Interface will do all that work for you, so we created a great little search engine that indexes 40 of the most popular and comprehensive listings on the web.

One of the many problems with these listings is that a specific search like “fda approved pressure sensitive adhesive” will usually only result in a listing of adhesive companies. On a few of these 40 sites, however, there will be a specific listing for fda approved adhesives. Using our aggregate search (powered by Google Custom Search), you can put in more specific searches like this and quicly identify the listing site with the most relevant / niche category to browse.

Is clicking through categories reasonable anymore?

You still get lost in a sea of suppliers once you find your desired niche, but that’s a topic for another post.

If you want to bypass all this needless searching and research, try posting your design application to our site and let suppliers find you and compete for your business. It’s much quicker and much easier.  Don’t you just want to get back to working on your designs anyway? Watch our new video below to see how Industrial Interface works.

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