77,000 freely searchable engineering material datasheets


MatWeb is easily the most comprehensive materials database freely available on the web.  When I used to work as a deign engineer I probably went to MatWeb at least a couple times a week.

As of this post, MatWeb has over 77,000 materials in it’s searchable database, and they are all free to access, although there are advanced features (advanced search, side-by-side material comparisons, data download capabilities) that require you to register for a free account.  Premium accounts cost $100 per year and give you increased search and comparison functionality and the ability to download materials right into your favorite design software.

MatWeb has an incredibly vast catalog of materials.  You can usually find even the most obscure material.  For plastics and other branded materials, you can usually find the datasheet for the specific branded version, meaning you know the difference between an HDPE made by Dupont, and an HDPE made by 3M (although the subtle variances are sometimes eaten up in manufacturing tolerances).  For example, a search for HDPE actually yields more than 1,400 results.

A Search for HDPE

The Datasheet for a Generic Injection Molded HDPE

Below are all the search options offered on the site:

  • Advanced Search – MatWeb’s most powerful search tool allows users to build complex searches in an iterative process. Possible criteria are property, composition, material category, and user-input text options. (Registration Required).
  • Material Property Search – Find materials that meet the property value ranges that you require.
  • Metal Composition Search – Enter an elemental composition and find the matching alloys.
  • Material Type/Category Search – Select the type of material in which you are interested from a systematic list of drop-down boxes.
  • Manufacturer Name Search – Select a plastics manufacturer and find data sheets of their proprietary products listed in MatWeb.
  • Trade Name Search – Select a plastics trade name and find data sheets listed in MatWeb.
  • Polymer Film Search – Find film grade polymers that meet the property value ranges that you require.
  • Lubricant Search – Find lubricants that meet the property value ranges that you require.
  • Metal Alloy UNS Number – Select from the list of UNS numbers in MatWeb’s database and find the matching data sheets.

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