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There are a lot of free trade magazines available for engineers and designers.  These can be fun to read, and have lots of great pictures to flip through when you’re bored at work.  How often do you actually find yourself referencing one of these free magazines, however, when you have a truly complex technical problem that needs solving?  Probably never.  You search google and you may search some engineering forums, but odds are what you’re looking for is tucked away in an expensive, subscription only, unsearchable academic journal.  So how do you find this information?  Enter DeepDyve.

DeepDyve allows you to search it’s database of over 30 million scientific, technical, and medical articles from distinguished journals.  You can preview any article for free to see if it covers the topic you need.  If it does, you simple rent the article for $0.99.  The full text is then made available to you for 24 hours.  The basic account even comes with 5 free rentals to try the system out.  If you use it often, there are premium accounts that give you a certain number of articles for free every month for a reasonable subscription fee.

Anyone who has ever searched academic databases will be happy to see how simple the search technology is with DeepDyve.  You don’t have to be an expert with search operators to find what you need, and you won’t get lost in disorganized and ambiguous results pages.  You can search in the same way that you search on google.  Of course, for more complex searches, you can access advanced search functions.  See DeepDyve’s search below, compared to a LexisNexis search page.

Advanced Search on DeepDyve

LexisNexis Search Page

Many engineers may have had access to these articles and other traditional databases that index them while in school, but unless you work for a very large engineering firm, or are still in academia, these journals are probably completely inaccessible to you now.  What’s so compelling about DeelDyve is that it gives every engineer at every company access to critical high tech information for their designs.  You can even buy these with your own dollar, meaning you don’t need to waste time, or ‘valuable company resources’ trying to find the information you need.  DeepDyve is a great site for every engineer that likes to fully understand every aspect of his or her design decisions.

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  1. Travis Leleu says:

    This is a really cool site! I work in an academic community, and our library spends tens of thousands of dollars per year subscribing us to these journals. The pay as you go model is much more transparent to people; very cool information!

    However, looking at those screen shots and playing around with the site I feel like it’s a little too complicated. I’m no search expert, but I really like the google “one search box to rule them all” approach. Do you think there’s something that they could do in order to simplify their interface?

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