Robotbox lets you collaborate on and review DIY robotics projects.


Robotbox is a site to share and collaborate on do-it-yourself robotics projects. I know there are a lot of engineers out there who have half completed projects sitting in a box in the basement or garage.

Check out the top rated projects already in the system.

Robotbox lets you manage robotics projects you are working on, parts involved with these designs, time spent working, money spent, and various other characteristics of your robotics project. You can upload pictures and videos and describe your projects in detail. ┬áThe site doesn’t yet let you track every step of your project, but allows for a great report on the project’s current status.

The site allows you to follow, and collaborate with, other engineers on their projects. You can update your status with a convenient twitter like ‘status’ bar on the home page and post blog articles (called build logs) to discuss your projects or design problems/successes you are having.

A useful and unique feature of the website is the ability to add parts to the site’s database. These can be original parts you’ve designed or parts that went into your project that you think will help others in the community. This allows the group to recommend common and obscure parts that could benefit everyone in their DIY robotics projects.

This seems like a great start to a social community for DIY robotics projects. Putting your homemade robots in a box in the basement is sad. Pull them out, dust them off, get them running again, and take some pictures. Putting your projects up on Robotbox is good for everyone. Maybe you’ll be inspired to finish up an old robot.

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