Livescribe pen digitizes notes and records audio – don’t leave home without it.


A few months ago, I decided to try out a little gadget that a friend had told me about called the Pulse Pen by livescribe.  Spending $150 on a pen was a little difficult to swallow, but I soon found myself wondering how I lived without it.

The pen works using micro-dot paper, a voice recorder, and a small camera at the tip of the pen.  It records up to 200hrs of writing and audio for the conversations you are taking notes on.  You can then share the video online with anyone and they can print pdf copies of the notes.

The pen is perfect for catching tidbits of information from customers and being able to have a record of exactly what was said by who in the correct context.  This has been helpful to establish customer testimonials, review how something was phrased just perfectly, and to educate people who could not attend a meeting on exactly what happened.

Once the notes are uploaded to the website, you can actually click anywhere and start listening to the conversation as it played out while the notes were being taken.  It’s really difficult to do this pen justice without being able to demo it live.

If you are an engineer, imagine being able to draw out your design with voice-over, then share it with colleagues/suppliers!  If you are a student, imagine being able to record all of your class notes and share them with others!  Anyone who has ever wondered, “What did she say before that was so insightful,” needs one of these.  It will change the way you attend meetings and will make you better at your job or school.

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