Civil engineers slow traffic with huge holes in the road


These holes full of rubble would sure slow me down on the expressway, even if they are a little bit aggressive as a speed deterent.  If you hit one of these at more than a a few miles per hour, you would risk breaking an axle, or at least blowing out a few tires.

Fortunately, these pot-holes are simply 2D images, printed by engineers in Eastern Canada, and placed in areas where speeding is a problem.  Not a long term solution, but probably a good way to convince people that the highway authority is at least quick to repair damage on the roads.

This is a great implementation of simple design.

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3 Responses

  1. Clever. Is the “Feels like Pioneer Suspension” a Photoshop addition or part of the “exhibit”? If the latter, is this really an advertisement for shocks and struts, as opposed to a reminder not to speed?

  2. Interesting spot Greg. I didn’t see that. Looks like this is probably an advertisement rather than a speeding deterrent. I assume you have to get permission from your local transit authority or those ads won’t last long. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Travis Leleu says:

    Interesting idea, although I agree it’s gotta be an ad.

    However, I’ve seen on LJ Parkway here in San Diego something similar. There are lines in each lane, perpendicular to the flow of traffic. Maybe 12-15 lines in total. As you travel over them in your car, the lines actually get wider and closer together, creating the illusion that you’re going really fast and need to slow down. It takes advantage of a driver’s perspective and parallax lines and does the same thing as this, but without the danger of having a driver swerve around them.

    I think it started on that famous road in Chicago that the big chase scene in Batman was filmed upon.

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