Product lifecycle management (PLM) software covered by Manufacturing Business Technology Magazine


Industrial Interface was mentioned recently in a great article in Manufacturing Business Technology magazine titled “Product Innovation: Keeping good ideas on the fast track.”

“Companies like take the collaborative approach a step further, offering online platforms that provide product engineers with a whole new universe of potential resources and partners.” ~Manufacturing Business Technologies Magazine

The article discusses various software and web based platforms that help companies and engineers keep their projects on track and manage the details of their projects with increased efficiency.  The common theme between them all is taking action early in the design process and collaborating with outside resources and personnel that are already available all over the manufacturing industry.

To design an environmentally friendly product or cut costs down the line it’s imperative that engineers and project managers put in the necessary effort and planning right from the beginning.  The article lists a number of good resources, all worth checking out, including

The article was printed in the most recent issue of Manufacturing Business Technology.

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  1. Ezhilan says:

    Of course, Both big MNC and Start up companies are moving towards web based platforms. The create, Maintain and manage everything through online process. The cloud based platform helps us to do this thing. In future, Cloud plays an important role in software field.

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