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This is a guest post by the moderator of the Electrical Engineering Blog.  It’s a great blog going into the technical details of many interesting and useful facets of electrical engineering and design.

Electrical engineering BLOG was launched in April 2009 by a group of enthusiasts in the field of electrical installation and energy management (mainly based on IEC standards).

With these passionate people, we have created an environment for collaboration and exchange, and we wish to use this Blog to share our current experience as well as our questions about the future – to elicit reactions from others and to discover new concrete ideas, as well as technical and practical tips.

This blog is not a space to promote products and services.

We believe that we can attract and involve both designers and consultants; suppliers, customers, independent experts, and institutions.

Today there are 11 categories of articles, including 6 in energy efficiency (a major topic for everybody) but also 5 categories on more traditional issues such as electrical distribution and design software. We also feature a Web Tips category, brought to the site by a young web pro.

Our blog is open to trade links with other blogs, forums, and sites provided they are of high quality and relevant. It is an English speaking Blog, but so far we have many exchanges with Asia and Europe; all countries are more than welcome.

You can subscribe to the newsletter that is sent out every month. Go to top of the home page and click on “subscribe”.  To post an article, visit our website at or email me at Commenting on a posting is simple and can be done without any prior validation.

François B.

What other great engineering blogs do you read?

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  1. This is one of best blog for an Electrical Engineering to read. This blog has all the insight information for an Electrical Engineering to know about. Thank you for posting all the articles.

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  3. Stephan says:

    Interesting article. Nice blog.

  4. Stephan says:

    Thanks for this great materials. It realy good for technical people. Awesome! great website. found all kinds of interesting information about Electrical engineering. Thanks for this useful stuff.

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