Unbelievable photographic memory. Prepare to be blown away.


Steven Wiltshire (The Living Camera) is world renowned for his photographic memory and incredible archtectural skills.  He is also autistic, and although unable to speak until the age of 5, at age 11 he drew a perfect aerial view of London after just a 30 minute helicopter ride.  He’s now a successful artist and architect.

In this video, Steven is taking a 45 minutes helicopter ride over Rome and concludes by producing a 5 1/2 yard panoramic aerial view of the city having never been there before.  He does this with incredible and perfect detail, # of floors on buildings, balconies, windows, streets, etc.

He does no pre-sketch, no measurements, no outlines.  Steven simply starts drawing, and three days later he’s left with a perfect city landscape.

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