NASA Picture of the Day: Saturn and Moons



Sweet picture of Saturn and Tethys above (one of Saturn’s moons).  Thanks to NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, we get to see amazing pictures like this one.  It almost looks fake, doesn’t it?  I never get tired of these NASA pictures of the day.  For more space pictures, follow NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Here are a couple other Saturn pictures from NASA, all courtesy of the Cassini probe.  The one on the bottom is a great shot of Saturn’s Titan.

Saturn, Tethys, and Titan


Saturn and Titan




Here’s a chart of major moons in our solar system to give some perspective on what we’re looking at here.  Check out Tethys in the first picture above and then look at it next to our moon and Earth.

Moons in our Solar System

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