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  • makes sourcing industrial products and services as simple as sending a single email.  Engineers find solutions to their design applications in minutes instead of weeks.

San Diego, CA, November 11, 2009 — officially launches its new site that bypasses traditional sales channels and lets engineers instantly and anonymously share design applications with dozens of relevant suppliers.  This allows engineers to quickly find multiple solutions for their designs and the right suppliers to provide them.

Salespeople who have experience with similar projects and sell exactly what an engineer needs pay to contact the engineer.  This insures that engineers only receive productive and desired communication from suppliers. This is the first website for the manufacturing industry specifically designed to put engineers in direct contact with local sales representatives.

Company president, co-founder, and former manufacturing engineer, T. Brian Jones said, “Salespeople in manufacturing have deep technical application experience with their products and services.  They know very quickly from an engineer’s project description if they have a solution.  If they don’t sell what the engineer needs, they usually know who does, and can instantly share the project with the right colleague all within our website. goes beyond simply sourcing parts.  It lets engineers source solutions for their designs.” has reduced the sourcing process to three steps.  First, an engineer posts the technical requirements of a design application to the website.  Second, sourcing specialists at use the company’s software to identify and contact dozens of relevant suppliers while the posting engineer remains anonymous.  Finally, salespeople review the details of the application and pay to contact the engineer if they can provide a solution.

Jones says, “Our technology combines human experience with an increasingly intelligent matching system.  We’ve seen suppliers and engineers interacting minutes after projects have been posted to our site.  A process that currently can take weeks and dozens of phone calls is now happening in a few hours on our site.  As we grow we expect engineers and purchasers to source in real time.”

Engineers can get multiple quotes, find alternative components or suppliers, and even find design solutions when they know little more than the problem they are trying to solve. makes all of this as easy as sending a single email.  The Company has accomplished this by making it quick, simple, and safe for engineers to post the technical details of their applications.

“The process is very similar to the interaction that an engineer has with salespeople at a trade show.  The difference is that the engineer only needs to explain his application once, and can distribute it to dozens of highly targeted suppliers, all over the world, almost instantly,” said Chris Powell, co-founder and former industrial sales engineer. has been perfecting its software with a select group of engineers and suppliers over the last six months.  During this time, the Company has helped source an estimated three million dollars in products and services.  Engineers from Fortune 500 companies in the medical, aerospace, electronics, and automotive industries, and many smaller companies across all manufacturing industries and all regions of the US, are already using

About is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way for engineers to find industrial products and services.  The website allows engineers to instantly and anonymously share design applications with dozens of relevant suppliers.  It’s the first website for the manufacturing industry designed specifically to put engineers in direct contact with local sales representatives.   By bringing engineers together with the right suppliers early, during the concept and design phase, allows the manufacturing industry to produce higher quality products at greatly reduced costs.   For more information, please visit

T. Brian Jones, President and Founder
Industrial Interface, Inc.

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