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There I Fixed It is a tremendous site where users submit images of innovative engineering feats.  These range from drawing a warm bath over a camp fire to roasting a dozen hotdogs on the fingers of a metal rake to duct taping flashlights to front bumper of a car.

I’ve embedded a few of the images below to give you a good idea of the genius that is presented here.  This site is both hysterical and inspirational.  Although there are tremendous displays of stupidity that we can all laugh at, there is something noble about using a little duct tape and a few Pringles cans to repair your engine.  Enjoy!


I once fixed my friend’s car stereo with a paperclip and a piece of gum.  True story.  (It was just a loose wire, but the gum and paperclip insured the connection held up and really perplexed my friends.)


I LOVE LEGOS!  Raise your hand if you have some in your house as an adult and they don’t belong to your children.


A little conservation is always good too.


Images courtesy of There, I Fixed It.

What stupid, funny, creative engineering feats have you accomplished?

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