Our Top Tweets from Last Week!



We send out all kinds of interesting/useful/cool tweets from our twitter account, Help4Engineers, and our readers have requested that we capture the best stuff in a blog post. So, starting this week, we’re going to do a blog post every Monday that is a recap of the most popular tweets from the previous week.

  1. Astrophysicists rapping about the Universe (Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson, & Bill Nye). –
  2. New Scientist has an excellent article on how the brain makes sense of time.
  3. Sixth sense let’s you interact with a pocket computer on any surface as though it’s a touchscreen.
  4. How DIY design gave a teenager from Malawi electricity, and can help transform Africa. via @leleutd
  5. NASA’s climate change website. Awesome info! @andeanhealth

And my personal favorite from the week:

All engineers love nerf don’t they? Retro nerf bow and arrow tv commercial. – via @andeanhealth

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