How to leave an indelible impression on customers. Apple’s adjective-only keynote.


This is the latest Apple keynote, stripped of nearly everything except the adjectives.

Notice there’s a lot of subtle hypnosis going on here. Scott Adams (Dilbert) is actually a trained hypnotist, and he talks about this kind of influence.  It’s basically the neuro-linguistic programming that Niel Strauss discusses in his bestselling book, “The Game“.  This is a great example of Apple doing it about as well as anybody else ever has.

You would never see the words “amazing” and “incredible” printed 15 times in a brochure, but speech is a very different medium.  Your audience picks up on subtle emotional cues (and sometimes not so subtle) that are missing in print.

Keep this in mind when you are selling your products, presenting to customers, and speaking at events.  There’s nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about your company and it’s offerings.  Tell them how incredible your company really is.

(found via CNN’s Brainstorm Tech Blog)

What presentation tips do you use, or have you noticed?

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