Get A Second Monitor ASAP


Home Office with lots of Monitors

OK maybe 6 (7?) is overkill (thanks for the pic –, but a second monitor doubles your workspace and can grant you visual access to multiple applications or windows at once.  Two monitors can streamline many tasks like writing a report based on data calculated and contained in a complex spreadsheet, or creating detailed BOMs from datasheets or websites.

At the very least, two monitors allow you to organize email, file structures, control panels, tasks, and other software you access repeatedly throughout the day on one screen while you work on the other.

Graphics cards in many enterprise level computers are already equipped with two monitor outputs and LCD’s are cheap.  If your boss says no, try your IT department to grab an old or unused second monitor.  IT is usually glad to do away with some clutter.

Finally, I suggest, if possible, matching your two monitors.  Variations in height, size, orientation, color temperature, etc can be a nuisance.

Almost everyone questions the need for two monitors when they first see a workstation set up with them, but I’ve never known anyone to do away with the second once they have it.  The only downside is that you’ll probably feel the need to buy a second monitor at home.

How many monitors do you use?

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  1. go99an says:

    Even better than a second monitor is a second computer which you can use the same Keyboard and mouse with, see
    It even works across different operating systems!!

  2. andy reeley says:

    two monitors across two machines, switching between them is great – being doing it for years (sorry). But it is only when you set in front of an IMac 27 do you get a real ‘WOW’ moment.

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