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Industrial Interface: This is our online community for engineers, designers, and suppliers in manufacturing.  Engineers can discuss their design problems and get innovative solutions from knowledgeable technical suppliers.  We represent every industry segment and every product category within the Industrial Research, Design, and Manufacturing market.

Our Blog: You are reading it right now!  We write about useful resources, review products and software, share interesting information with our users, and keep everyone up to date with Industrial Interface as a company.

Help4Engineers*: This is our Twitter feed for engineers and designers where we share useful resources and interesting information.  Always feel free to contact me directly here

TechSalesLeads*: This is our Twitter Feed for industrial suppliers and salespeople.  We typically share resources and interesting information as well as many of the live engineering leads coming through our site.

*Our Twitter accounts are a great way to interact with us, ask about Industrial Interface, make suggestions, or tap into our network of engineers and suppliers.

LinkedIn “Industrial Interface R&D Network”: This is another medium we provide to our users to interact with other engineers and suppliers and network in the social setting of LinkedIn.

Facebook (Industrial Interface): Join other professionals in a less formal setting where you can share interests outside of work.

How are you promoting your Industrial Company online?  What websites and resources do you think are the most useful?

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